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Retro Poznan

Last weekend I went to Poznan to attend Meet.js Summit. Yeah, I’m trying to become successful webdeveloper. Something, that will allow me to work as a freelance photographer at the same time ;)

Due to a fact, that I don’t like wasting opportunities for a photoshoot, I teamed together with Delfina Kardas-Kotlicka, my good friend and an outstanding Makeup Artist and we found a beautiful model – Krysia Gadomska, who suited my idea of a retro-girl photoshoot perfectly.

As soon as I arrived to Poznan, I went to Femi (as I call Delfina) to make some preps before our model would come. I was extremely happy that I didn’t have to take all my makeup stuff as I have full trust in┬áher abilities. I only promised to take care of retro hairstyle :)


After full makeup/hair/styling work we went together to one of the coolest and prettiest places I have ever been to – Ptasie Radio restaurant. I totally recommend warm apple pie with ice cream. It was de-li-cious (all the calories are worth eating, trust me).

Interior design of the place was exactly what we were looking for. Warm, cosy, vintage with a touch of Provence-style. We ordered coffe and cakes (except Krysia – as a model, she doesn’t eat those :P) and we started to look for occasions to shoot some pics between clients (it’s rather crowded place).

Here’s what we managed to get :)


Retro Retro Retro Retro


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